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Who I am and how this all started


Hello! It's nice to meet you.

I are Jerry McFarland. I live in Onalaska, Washington and started Hayseed Acres in 2017. I grew up in a small farming community in Northern California and after many years away from farming i decided to return to my roots. My first venture back into farming was to start Hayseed Acres Rabbitry in my backyard. I eventually wanted something more than the small urban lot would allow, so in 2017 I purchased several acres of undeveloped land that I could nurture and develop. It has been a slow laborious process filled with back breaking work and a lot of sweat and tears, and it is finally starting to pay off. In October 2020 I finally got our electricity hooked up and in the fall of 2023 I finally got the Master plan application in, so things are really moving forward now!

In 2019 I expanded operations to include Hayseed Henry, raising chickens and selling WSDA certified eggs. I have not only developed loyal private customers, but also sell the eggs in several local grocery stores . 

I raise New Zealand/California cross, Lions Head, and Rex rabbits and currently sell the WSDA certified meat through on-farm sales. I began breeding Kune Kune cross pigs and now sell them in the forms of weaner piglets, block hogs and now butchered meat. I am also currently working on the goat herd and look forward to starting fruit and vegetable crops as I develop both a seasonal outdoor garden and a year-round greenhouse. At Hayseed Acres I feel incredibly lucky that I get to do what I love and provide local farm fresh products to my local community. I am excited for you to join me in the Hayseed Acres experience. For more information, please reach out! See you soon.

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